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A New Year Showcase of Our Heart


Heartwood Crossing has been making broad steps with our online presence. This brings more news and entertainment to our readers and serves as a showcase to talent bookers that we are well on our way to bigger and better things!

What's heartfelt in a music video...did you know that many folks form their first impression of a band by watching a You Tube video? With that as our driving force, HWC has put up a couple of gems for viewing on our Heartwood Crossing You Tube channel:

Emily's "Beer Barrel Whiskey" filmed at Twin Oaks Roadhouse lauds a primal love for the music venues that give us life. Beer joint or refined winery or special event platform...it's in a musician's blood to stir up the sawdust!

Tim's rendering of John Hiatt's "Slow Turning" also on HWC's You Tube channel puts flesh on the bones of the personal path forward, the 'evolution' if you will along the crazy river of life.

Ah, then there's the romance every musician has with recording...there's something about the camaraderie of being in the studio together. It is literally the moment of truth for your performance. HWC has recently gotten some fine work accomplished in this regard:

"Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Use To Do)" was recorded at A Room With A View Studios, Petaluma, and performed live at Mystic Theatre. The HWC version brands the good 'ol Hank Williams, Sr. tune with a modern groove and a seductive weave of harmonies to boot (currently available on the KRCB compilation CD entitled The Songs of Hank Williams).

Dave's "Legend of Joaquin Murieta" chronicles a love for California history. In this case, light is shed on a Gold Rush era bandito whose generosity and commitment to justice come to life in song. Recorded at Route 44 Studio, Sebastopol.

Emily delivers a resounding note for truth and science in a great cover of Indigo Girls' "Galileo." Wait till you hear the harmonies and dynamics in the mix! You can listen here on this website - and we anticipate a 2020 CD production release to include all three of these and more!

It's a family tradition...that's how we love to tell our story. And it's true. The latest and greatest band biography retells of the long brotherhood between Tim and Dave, then comes the most wonderful moment of serendipity when the two link up with long lost sister Emily.

Says KRCB radio DJ, Doug Jayne (who counted The String Rays as a favorite local group), "I totally get why re-branding was a good idea: This is a better band!"

'Rockin' Roots and Harmonies' crows the new band bio. Songwriting, instrumental finesse, and singing performance are signature features of Heartwood Crossing.

But when all is said and done, it's the connection, the sympatico support of our community family and friends that really makes the difference. Thanks for being a part of our heartfelt journey.


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